Case study:
M/Y Life Saga

A 42-metre motoryacht by Heesen Yachts, Life Saga was first fitted with Lantic back in 2008 as part of a general refit. The system was designed to spread across 15 individual zones. Those inside provide full access to the central media server with its library of music and movies, as well as to satellite TV, radio and the Internet. DVD players and other accessories were also been fitted in a number of locations.

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Open air services were based around the provision of music for those relaxing out on deck. Overall the installation was a great success, allowing individuals around the yacht to choose whatever they wanted.

In 2012 the yacht underwent a further refit with new interiors designed by Stefano Pastrovich. As part of this process the owner took the opportunity to upgrade his Lantic systems. The changes included:

The replacement of all the monitors by LED LCD TVs
Fitting a mirror TV in the saloon
iPads with the Lantic app added to the luxury areas for use as remote controls
Upgrade of the media server to 8TB of storage
The integration of iPod music playback across all the zones
• The installation of Lantic YCS (yacht control system) groups to manage curtains and blinds in the main saloon and sky lounge
The fitting of additional amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers in the main saloon
The replacement of the existing Wi-Fi system with Cisco Wireless Access points.
The entire Lantic system was upgraded to software suite 2.5

Life Saga was in fact one of the first yachts to receive the 2.5 software suite, which brought with it a wide range of new features including the acclaimed new interface. The scope of the upgrade also demonstrated the ability of Lantic systems to take advantage of both the latest hardware and software innovations through a series of smaller changes rather than complete replacement.
In the future Life Saga will benefit from further Lantic software updates that will further extend functionality and compatibility, and Lantic continues to provide full support. Overall the result is a satisfied owner and guests with full access to every type of electronic media.

List of References
Lantic is proud to have been part of many superyacht projects worldwide.
An overview of the shipyards and projects that Lantic worked with can be found below.

List of References

Lantic is proud to have been part of many superyacht projects worldwide. An overview of the shipyards and projects that Lantic has worked with can be found below.


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