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Palmer Johnson selects Lantic for 170 Sportyacht

US superyacht builder Palmer Johnson has selected Lantic Entertainment
Systems for the second time in three months to supply an integrated
AV/IT system for one of its projects, currently in build at its facility
in Wisconsin USA. Confirmation of Palmer Johnson’s return to Lantic
after several years of evaluating alternative AV manufacturers marks a
powerful vote of confidence from one of the world’s leading superyacht

When it launches in the spring of 2014 the yacht will be the second in
the 170 Sportyacht series, and its Lantic system will be on a major
scale. The 52-metre yacht will have 18 independent entertainment zones,
each built around a Lantic Modular Entertainment

Centre that acts as the control interface for the local hardware
(screens, speakers, Blu-ray players etc.) and the comprehensive range of
entertainment and cabin control options. These in turn will cheap football jerseys china link back
to a centrally-mounted 15 terabyte media server, satellite decoders and
Ethernet switches. Services that will be controlled using the Lantic
network and interface will include CCTV, position and chart view on
demand, service call, alarms and optional HVAC and other cabin control

Lantic will deliver the system in early February 2014, allowing just a
few weeks for assembly Cheap nba Jerseys and testing. Its ability to manufacture and
supply such a sophisticated set of components in a short space of time
is derived from its unique position as the only manufacturer in the
superyacht segment that designs and builds all its own equipment. The
result is fewer components, easier installation and straightforward

Much of the time used in installing other AV systems is spent on
programming the various third-party units -each often operating
different protocols – to integrate with each other. This can take many
hundreds of hours. But with Lantic the units all operate to the same
standards, making integration literally a matter of plug-and-play. All
that remains to be done is programming in the owner’s individual
preferences, and 2016-11-08 even that can be done remotely.

“This is a very satisfying way to end 2013,” said Lantic’s Peter Bouman.
“We are very pleased with a year that has seen Lantic systems installed
on both sailing and motor superyachts, across a range of sizes, and
2014 is already shaping up cheap jerseys to be even better.”

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