Lantic to Demonstrate Latest Software

Entertainment Systems returns to the Monaco Yacht Show this year with a
new stand (QP54, Parvis Piscine) and a product that continues to keep
pace both with the new technologies that continue to make the consumer
electronics market one of the fastest moving to be found anywhere, and
the evolving tastes and requirements of superyacht owners.

Lantic is the only developer of entertainment systems dedicated to the
superyacht sector. The company designs and builds the modular technology
that controls, stores and distributes all types of stored, broadcast
and online content, leaving the owner free to select his preferred
screens, players and speakers. It is this approach that allows Lantic to
maintain a fast pace in software development and upgrades, ensuring
that both new and existing systems keep up to date and compatible with
new equipment and protocols. Visitors to the stand at the Monaco Yacht
Show will for example be able to see a Lantic system driving a
next-generation 4k ultra high resolution screen, along with a wide range
of other upgrades via the newly released software version 2 look at these guys.9.

Lantic also continually responds to the changing habits and expectations
of superyacht owners. The new software has opened the way for the use
of other alphabets, such as Cyrillic and Arabic, alongside the familiar
Latin, and the response has been excellent with enquiries coming in for a
range of scripts. And while the iPad remains the control tablet of
choice, Lantic has developed an Android version of the RC20 app for the
minority of users that prefer this operating system.

Also on show will be the new, on-board intranets that allow the easy
generation and viewing of content generated on board; a service that is
proving useful for both guests and crew.

In addition to viewing the new technology and having the opportunity to
sign up for the Lantic Movie Service, visitors to the stand will also be
able to meet with our team and get a first-hand preview of Lantic’s
plans for 2015.