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Lantic renews long standing relationship with Palmer Johnson

to equip first yacht in the exciting new Palmer Johnson 48m SuperSport

Lantic Entertainment Systems, the leader in integrated AV / IT systems
for superyachts, is delighted to be renewing its relationship custom jerseys with top
US boat builder Palmer Johnson. A major client for Lantic in the
second half of the last decade, PJ explored other audio-visual options
during the economic downturn but has returned in fine style with an
order for a comprehensive system on board the first of its futuristic
48m SuperSport series.

The order process began exactly a year ago, with a meeting between
Palmer Johnson and Lantic at the 2012 Monaco Yacht Cheap Jordans Show, followed by a
demonstration of the latest software in November at METS. The owner of<br ray ban sunglasses />
the new 48m has an existing Palmer Johnson 150 with a Lantic system and,
like the PJ executive team, appreciated the technological advances that
that Lantic has made over the past five years.

Lantic’s ability to deliver a turnkey solution and meet demanding
timescales was also a contributory factor more information. The Norwegian built carbon
composite hull and superstructure arrived at the PJ facility in
Wisconsin in August, and since then work has continued in order to have
her completed and delivered in the spring of 2014. The 20+ zone Lantic
system is now in build in Denmark with the installation scheduled for
this winter.

“We are very proud to be working again with Palmer Johnson, a boat
builder that has always been an important part of the Lantic story,”
said Lantic’s Joachim Kirk. “The fact that they tried alternative
systems before returning to Lantic is a great vote of confidence in the
advances that we have made over the past few years. And to be a part of
the 48m SuperSport with her innovative design and hi-tech
construction makes this all the more exciting. The Lantic style and
technological cheap jerseys sophistication will perfectly complement this cutting-edge

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