System Features

Our user interface is the most user-friendly in the industry. It takes just seconds to master the controls and to browse or find the content you’re looking for using the Lantic app or the onscreen menus.


The Lantic experience

Enjoy what you want, when you want it, where you want it.



Load enough music for a lifetime on to the Lantic media storage server. Alternatively play your favourite CDs on the local drive, or just connect your smartphone or iPod. Organise by genre, artist or album name, or create your own play lists and browse through the playlists with the album covers onscreen.

With Lantic’s extra compact audio-only Entertainment Centre (control box) it is easy to install the system in areas with restricted space or access.



The sky is the limit with full access to terrestrial and satellite TV where the required antennae and tuners are installed. Lantic Box Control allows users to easily control the satellite tuners with their smartphone or tablet.

Apple TV is fully integrated into the Lantic operating system and can be accessed via on-screen menus and the RC20 app.



Enjoy full interactive access to the internet on the big screen and browse through your favourite websites bookmarked for one-touch convenience.

The Lantic RC20 app on smart devices takes away the need for keyboards and mice for internet and email access. The result is less physical clutter and much greater convenience.



With on-board intranets users can view information generated in real-time by the crew at the touch of a screen. Popular applications include the uploading of daily menus, wine lists, itineraries and safety information. The crew access a simple interface to input the data while guests can browse choices and upcoming events at their leisure from anywhere on board. It’s simple yet very effective.

Chart/Radar view allows users to watch the captain’s chart and radar display on their smartphones or tablets from anywhere on board for the full maritime experience.



With 2-way wireless streaming, smartphones or tablets become an integral part of the Lantic system. Always ready to receive and play stored or incoming content, Lantic allows users to share the content held on their devices via the onboard screens and speakers.

Mute the entertainment system on a general alarm, or input preferences and requirements for doorbells and alarms via the RC20 app and your Lantic system will take care of the rest.

The Lantic system fully supports the Ming steward call system. In addition to this, Lantic has also extended its own steward call interface with a paging system which provides users with information about the nature of the call for assistance and allows for the acknowledgment of the call by the crew.

Lantic was the first to develop the ability for a user to switch instantly between the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, and this is now fully integrated into the standard user interface. The work done there opens the door for more scripts to be added according to future demand. As well accessible via the on-screen interface and the RC20 control app for smartphones and tablets, Lantic is also making its iconic bespoke RC1 remote controls available in any language.

The system fully integrates with 4K monitors and can now run 4K content. We look forward to rapid growth in compatible content as the format increases in popularity. Watching movies and TV in 4K resolution is the future and Lantic is ready for it.



Choose from your entire movie collection at the touch of a button. Convert DVDs and Blu-ray discs to digital files and store on the media server for instant access in real time from any zone. Organise by title and genre and browse through the library with the movie covers onscreen.

Movies and home videos can be uploaded to the system via a USB device and shared with friends and family. Almost all formats of home-made videos are supported.

Subscribe to the Lantic Movie Service to enjoy a personalised, up-to-date on-board movie library.



Select music, entertainment and news from radio stations around the world by using the remote to scroll through the hundreds of channels installed on your system. Add new stations, delete the old and organise by genre for added convenience.

Lantic’s well-known public playlist, also called the party mode, allows all the zones on board to link into a single audio channel. This can be accessed via the Lantic RC20 app from anywhere on board.

It is also possible for a DJ to connect to the channel for the full party sensation!



For security, safety and peace of mind, select camera from the on-screen menu to view and control each of the on-board CCTV cameras. Access can be limited by zone if required.

The system integrator can specify individual and groups of cameras for individual users. Views of the exterior leisure decks for guests, perhaps, while the captain can add in the engine room and the night vision security cameras.


Cabin Control

Control the lights anywhere on board, adjust the local air conditioning, or open or close the blinds by using the remote control and on-screen menus from the comfort of your arm chair or bed. Or maybe just call a steward for fresh coffee. The crew call bell is always visible on your tablet or smartphone remote menu.

With central command users can collect individual zones into one or more groups to adjust the unified lighting and climate options in seconds. This allows the crew to easily adjust the atmosphere and temperature in multiple areas.

We have integrated Lutron blind and curtain functionality controlled via the RC20 app for added convenience for those yachts operating this popular brand.

Support for Heinen & Hopman air conditioning has been added at the request of a leading superyacht yard.