The iconic RC1 remote control is an exclusive and unique Danish design. It allows main functions of a Lantic entertainment system to be accessed by the press of dedicated keys, and enables full interaction with and control of the on-screen menus. Lantic’s direct menu structure enables the user to use a Lantic entertainment system immediately, without any pre-knowledge. The RC1 provides easy and single touch control of functions like video, audio, Internet, lights and curtains.

Smartphone and Tablets

Alongside Lantic’s distinctive RC1 remote controls, smartphones and tablets from all major manufacturers can deliver the same functionality. Simply downloading the Lantic RC20 app from iTunes and other online providers and entering the vessel’s unique login details gives immediate access to the user interface. The touch screens display the identical menus to those viewed via a zone’s installed monitor, and provide the comfort and convenience of being able to control a Lantic system remotely without having to turn on the main screen.