Lantic Movie Service

From the latest blockbusters, favourite comedies, thrillers and dramas to hit TV series, documentaries and music to suit every taste, Lantic offers a comprehensive service that provides owners with unlimited access to regularly updated media libraries on board their yachts. For an annual subscription fee, owners, guests and crew can choose from a wide range of titles including all their favourites.
Subtitles and movie data are included in the language of choice.



  • Easy automatic movie uploading to the media server with the Lantic media administration tool
  • Simple browsing through the movie library to find favourites by either title or genre


The standard basic starter kit comes with 100 movies spread across a cross-section of genres. All movies in this standard package are in English with subtitles together with movie data in the same language. Movies in alternative languages including Russian and Arabic are available. Subtitles and movie data can be added in different languages.

  • Specify any movie that is available as an official DVD/Blu‐ray release
  • Choose from a wide range of popular genres
• Upgrade to our 250, 500, or even 1,000 movie packages
  • Enjoy the latest releases via regular library updates of 10 or 20 movies
  • Pricing is based on regular DVD/Blu-ray prices
  • A wide range of popular TV series
  • The best BBC and Discovery Channel documentaries
Audio content; tracks and albums from a galaxy of artists


The annual non-theatrical license fee guarantees unrestricted access to movies from over 400 studios including top names such as 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. The license fee is a flat rate independent of the number of movies in a package.

  • Movies are available for private yachts and private charter yachts
  • No restriction to the number of guests on board
  • No limitation to the number of simultaneous users
  • Available to all flag states
  • No need to store the physical discs on board

Example Starter Kit

• Standard basic starter kit of 100 movies
• Option of upgrading to 250 movies
• A balanced selection across a range of genres
• Update of 10 new movies every six months
• Languages: English and Arabic
• Subtitles and movie data: Arabic