Entertainment Equipment

Lantic systems are made up of the equipment that receives, stores, processes, distributes and controls entertainment media in all its many forms, as well as other information. Each Lantic Entertainment System is custom designed for the yacht in which it is installed. At the heart of every Ethernet-based system lies a series of core components designed and manufactured by the company relating to media reception, storage, processing and transmission. Lantic also designs the highly sophisticated software that underpins the operation of each system. Once the basic components are installed in a yacht, all that remains is the fitting of the monitors, speakers, and additional peripheral equipment such as disc drives and games consoles where required. Our systems are compatible with all major brands of peripheral equipment – screens, speakers, media players and consoles – allowing owners to specify their preferred choices. Software updates are issued regularly to vessels to ensure on-going compatibility with new technology and standards.

Modular Entertainment Centre

Lantic’s compact, state-of-the-art Modular Entertainment Centres form the core of the audio-visual system in each individual zone. Installed out of sight, they receive commands from the remote controls that select and control the entertainment system components such as the central media server, satellite TV tuners, terrestrial feeds, Internet and other sources, and transmit them to the amplifiers, speakers and monitors. They also act as the relay point for external inputs such as disc drives, iPod drives and games consoles, and receive, process and transmit commands for the cabin control features, CCTV and other hotel functions. Each MEC has an integrated 2 x 10w amplifier for use as a ready-made slave unit in sub-zones such as bathrooms, but owners are free to specify external amplifiers of their choice for interfacing with the MEC.

Panel Entertainment Centre

In response to customer demand, Lantic offers a 21.5-inch HD screen with a built-in processor that comes preloaded with all the necessary software to link straight into the central Lantic media servers. By removing the need to install a Modular Entertainment Centre (see above) the screens are ideal for crew quarters and other areas where space is restricted. As well as having full access to the central music, movie and satellite services, six USB ports enable the connection of a selection of smart devices, external DVD and hard drives, and an HDMI input accepts Blu-ray players and hi-def games consoles. External speakers can be linked for a full audio experience and the entire system can be operated using any of the Lantic remote control options.

Small Entertainment Centre

Lantic's small entertainment centre (SEC) is an extra compact audio-only entertainment centre that has all the features of a full MEC but without TV functionality. The SEC is perfect for areas where space is restricted.

Central Equipment


Lantic’s innovative HD Streamer features four individual HDMI input ports that enable it to stream four separate HD channels simultaneously. The unit is both exceptionally compact and energy efficient, making it easier to install and far more effective in its use of space than conventional alternatives. Having four channels in a single housing also makes expanding an onboard AV system much more straightforward. The Lantic HD streamer has the capability to encode up to 1080p HD video and each unit can control four satellite receivers using infrared. This enables it to stream up to four simultaneous H.264 audio/video signals in a multicast format on Ethernet via a managed switch.

Central Stream Server

Whereas the media storage server acts as a library for pre-loaded material, the CSS is the central processing point for broadcast material being received in real time. The CSS receives the analogue stereo audio and composite or s-video signals from satellite decoders, terrestrial TV and radio tuners and converts them into digital streams which can then be streamed across the network. A single CSS can handle up to 12 sources simultaneously, and multiple servers can be installed as required. Our streamers use industrial grade components.

Media Storage Server

The media storage server, the device on which all the movies and music available across the system are stored, also runs the software that controls the central services. Available with between 2 to 15 terabytes (TB) of storage, multiple servers can be installed if required. A single TB of memory can hold up to about 30 Blu-ray movies (uncompressed), 160 DVD movies or 10,000 music albums in MP3 format. Built-in redundancy across the system and media hard discs (RAID 1 & 5), cooling fans and the power supply ensure smooth operation under the most challenging conditions. With storage technology continually improving, Lantic assesses and selects the best-in-class professional servers available at the time of each project that meet its challenging criteria.