Cabin Control

Lantic’s cabin control system integrates seamlessly with the entertainment network and allows users to use the same remote controls and on-screen menus to, depending on the options selected, undertake such local-environment actions as operate and dim the lights, raise and lower blinds, and adjust heating and air conditioning.

Cabin Control Server

The Lantic cabin control server acts as the central hub in each cabin or zone for the various functions and is connected directly to the Modular Entertainment Centre. Via either compatible Lantic remote controls or the Lantic wall-mounted panel it allows guests and crew to operate the full range of in-cabin amenities from a single point. It is generally installed in a concealed location and technical features include: universal protocol support including DALI and DMX; control of all light sources (LED, halogen, RGB LEDs, incandescent etc); compact size, low power consumption and straightforward installation. Additional options include curtain relays and quad relays to control sliding roof panels and monitor lifts. The server has up to 30 individual light circuits which cater for all but the largest spaces.

OLED Keypads

Fixed, wall-mounted control panels mounted near entrances continue to be popular as they allow users to adjust the conditions in a cabin or area as soon as they enter, and unlike remote controls their location is always entirely predictable. Lantic’s multi-function OLED keypad units can be configured to offer a wide range of options:
 Lighting: control individual and main lighting circuits, configure and select pre-set lighting scenes Music: volume control and start / stop most recent audio source Climate control: air-con on/off, view and reset temperature, adjust fan speed, heating, etc. Blinds and curtains: up and down / open and close