Lantic Entertainment Systems

We are a Danish company specialising in the design and manufacture of bespoke integrated AV/IT systems for luxury yachts. Over the last decade Lantic Entertainment Systems have been installed on over 60 superyacht projects worldwide. Together with our much valued system integrators Lantic has worked to provide our customers with high quality entertainment systems that set new standards of ease-of-use and versatility. At Lantic we work hard to continuously develop our products so as to meet the ever-changing expectations of yacht owners and their demands for the very latest entertainment technology.

System Integrators

Lantic entertainment systems are installed by the industry’s leading electrical integrators and we are always happy to work with and support the integrators selected by our clients. Alternatively we can refer you to one of our partners around the world who will install and commission your system with full Lantic support. Whichever route you take, we are dedicated to providing a top quality service for the lifetime of your Lantic entertainment system to ensure that you are totally satisfied with your Lantic experience.

Software updates

An update is the replacement of an existing software suite on a current system with a new and improved version of the software. Versions can be either minor (x.1) or major (2.x). Depending on the compatibility of the existing hardware to a new software suite, changes in hardware may occasionally be necessary. For some optional features additional hardware may also be required. If no hardware changes are required, software updates can be done remotely via the Internet, in consultation where needed with the yacht’s system integrator and /or shipyard.

Continuous development

Lantic’s hardware and software development is an on-going process of continuous product innovation and improvement, and software updates are generally issued annually providing new features and functionality. Since Lantic wants all its customers, both new and existing, to profit from this development process, the latest software suites are always available for installation on yachts with previously fitted Lantic systems.

Our Company

The Lantic head office is located in Aarhus, Denmark. Here our team of hardware and software engineers develop and test all Lantic products. Apart from designers and developers we also have service engineers who deliver global service and support to existing Lantic customers.

The Lantic sales department maintains an office and showroom in the Netherlands, the heart of the superyacht industry. Those interested in the Lantic system are always welcome to visit the Lantic headquarters or our showroom for a demonstration.

Changes to hardware

During the lifetime of a Lantic hardware product it may be advantageous to replace components inside the unit as new technology becomes available. This can in turn have an impact on the external interfaces, placement of connectors etc. An updated documentation package is included with all hardware upgrades to provide the necessary guidance. Lantic core products are designed in such a way that within the given dimensions an upgrade of this type will always be compatible with existing installations.

Our service commitment

The system integrators responsible for installing the system on board a yacht are responsible for providing the first line of support for hardware and general issues. However the Lantic Service team is there to deliver global support. We will:
– provide customers with lifetime support for their installations
– resolve software and compatibility issues in cooperation with the system integrator
– remotely access any system via the Internet to perform complete diagnostic checks and based upon this analysis give advice where required
– upgrade a system to the latest software suite

Why Choose Us

Simple yet sophisticated

We work to ensure that our entertainment systems are the most user-friendly and easy-to-operate available.

A culture of continuous improvement

Our commitment to ongoing improvement ensures that our technology continuously evolves to meet our customers’ needs and wishes.

We are there, when and where you need us

Our team is always available for support on sales and service related questions.